Rights & Responsibilities

consultation.jpgPractice Responsibilities to Patients

  • You will be treated courteously
  • You have a right to confidentiality
  • You have the right to see your medical records subject to the limitations of the law
  • In an emergency you will be seen on the same day
  • You will be seen by your own doctor whenever possible
  • You will be referred to a consultant when the GP thinks it is necessary
  • You will be given the result of any test or investigation on request or at your next appointment
  • Your repeat prescription will be ready for collection within 48 hours of your request
  • Inform you of the services we provide and how to access them
  • Complaints will be dealt with by the practice manager who will refer complaints to the doctor where appropriate

In Return the Patient Must

  • Treat doctors, nurses and all practice staff with equal dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Be on time for your appointments and advise the surgery as soon as possible if you cannot keep an appointment.
  • Use emergency appointments only for emergencies and not for routine care.
  • Understand that appointments are for one person only
  • Requests for help and advice for non-urgent matters should be made during surgery hours only
  • Request home visits only for patients who are seriously ill or housebound
  • Ensure that medicines are only used by the person for whom they were prescribed and that they are stored safely in their original containers out of reach of children.
  • Advise the surgery, and any clinic or hospital where you receive treatment, if you move home or change your  name or contact details, especially your telephone number, or if your personal circumstances change in any way that might affect your health.
  • Let us know if you are unhappy with any aspect of the practice.  You can either speak to any member of the practice staff or put a complaint in writing to the practice manager (See Comments and Complaints page in this section of this web site).

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